About Me

Hello and welcome to Glitter and Grace! I'm Sara and this is my sparkly space to share my love for fashion, nail polish, travel, glittery things, my kitty, life, and the gifts of Amazing Grace I have been given. I'm 27, a sunny southern California native that moved to Portland, Oregon for 4 years, and have recently relocated back to the sunshine in Newport Beach, CA.

I have a heart for young women and relationships and ultimately have the dream to heal marriages and lower the divorce rate in America. My hope is that this blog is more than a place you come to find fashion inspiration, but rather that you would experience beauty, grace, truth and healing from the words that you read. Thank you so much for stopping by and I would love if you followed along with me.

Just some random facts about yours truly:

  • I still sleep with a stuffed animal - his name is Gundy
  • I love parallel parking. Few feelings rival the satisfaction of a perfect PP job
  • I have 120 bottles of nail polish at this very moment
  • My favorite color is gold glitter
  • I'm a hugger
  • My exercise of choice is walking. I could walk all day
  • Give me a good country song and a warm summer night and you'll have yourself one blissful girl
  • Rome is my favorite city
  • I would get my motorcycle license if my dad would let me
  • Speaking of parents, mine are amazing. I also have an awesome brother and a beautiful new sister-in-law
  • Someday I'm going to have an incredible love story, I can feel it in my soul
  • My closet (and nail polish collection) wouldn't exist without Forever 21

The most important thing about me is that I am adored by Jesus and saved by Grace (and He happens to be pretty enamored with you too ;)

Sara B

Photo by Ally Michele