Enjoying Our Sexuality in Every Season - Sara + Morgan Day Cecil

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It was such a joy getting to chat with Morgan Day Cecil, a Feminine Wholeness expert who I have followed and looked to for wisdom for years now, and to get to benefit from all of the life-giving goodness that poured from her story and the words she shared during our conversation. A question I often ponder, and hear from other single women, is around sexuality and how to incorporate it or delight in it without the presence of another human. Morgan's definitions of romance and adventure had me "Amen-ing" like crazy, and I really believe the words in this episode will bring healing, wholeness, and freedom to every woman who listens.

A little bit more about Morgan and where you can find her online + links to all the wonderful resources she offers:

Morgan Day Cecil is an expert in Feminine Wholeness, guiding women in how to heal their own gaze and own embody their authentic and sexy wholeness. Through her transformative Sophia Retreats around the world, her coaching programs and online courses, Morgan teaches that "healing is a love story" and it's safe to "trust what lights you up. " She offers a free guided meditation to help women create a new story around sex, body, womanhood and God. Download it here.

No More Shame Meditation
Instagram: @morgandaycecil
Facebook: The Sophia Sisterhood

Heal Your Own Gaze: Sexy Selfie Sexy Soul Course
Feminine Wholeness University
Sophia Retreats
Sophia Embodied 1-on-1

Thank you again Morgan for blessing this podcast with your presence, and for the very important and beautiful work you’re doing in the world.

And exciting news, I decided to bring back the Hi Friend FB group! I’d love to use that as a space for conversations around these topics and would be delighted if you joined us over there.

Sara B.

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