Creating Abundance in Love and Money


Learning how to create and cultivate an abundance mindset has been one of the most beneficial practices of my life. I decided to publish this episode coming from a place of lack (in the world's eyes) in the areas of love and money, rather than wait until I have "achieved" both of those things, to show what it looks like to hold onto this mindset even in the midst of waiting for abundance to arrive, and demonstrate how I practice claiming abundance no matter where I'm at in life. Choosing to view life through a lens of abundance over scarcity goes way beyond money and love, and spills over into every facet of life, hence why I think this is such an essential practice to grasp. I share the mindset shifts and specific thoughts I focus on to create this in my own life, and the ways in which I believe abundance is already available to me as well as on its way to me right now.

Sara B.

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