Thought Work That Will Change Your Life, Or At The Least, Your Relationship with Cockroaches


One of the most life-altering things I have learned and incorporated into my life has been the revelation that my thoughts and my thoughts alone are what cause my feelings, and in turn, affect the actions I take and the experience I have in this life. As I've witnessed first hand the power I have to completely change my feelings and experiences towards something - anything from my relationship with cockroaches (trigger warning but also not really cuz it's a happy story :) to my relationship with my roommates - it's given me an entirely new (and amazing) perspective on the fact that I am in control of my happiness and the ways in which I decide to experience this life.

Tips for managing and changing your own unhelpful thoughts:

  • Next time you’re having a negative feeling, let yourself sit with it for a little bit. Remind yourself that a feeling is just a sensation in your body. It’s not going to hurt you and you don’t have to feel shame around it. Resisting it or resenting it makes it worse. Just be an observer of it and be curious about what it’s there to teach you

  • Try to pinpoint the thought that’s causing this feeling

  • Decide which thought would be better in it’s place – if swinging to the opposite thought feels too improbable, work your way up the “ladder of thoughts” to get to the next more neutral or more positive though

  • Focus on that one instead, and keep repeating when possible


Kara Loewenthiel’s podcast “Unf*ck Your Brain”

The Holistic Psychologist – Get her Future Self Journaling templates here

“The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle

Sara B.

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