How To Create a Life Filled With Delight


Lately I've become so aware of the amount of joy and delight I experience on a daily basis, and so much of it is thanks to steps I've taken to fill as many tiny corners of my day and life with things that light me up and spark joy. And so I wanted to share those delightful little details with you, and also ways in which you can go about doing the same in your life - because I believe the practice of learning how to make ourselves happy and learning how to create a world in which we're constantly flooded with delight and gratitude is one that has a ripple effect so far beyond ourselves.

Here are some of the ways I help create this life for myself throughout my day:

Morning routine:

  • I asked myself: What would be the most ideal way to start my day? What one thing would make my morning feel extra luxurious or exciting or comforting?

  • I learned that sticking with a habit for 30 days truly does help it become routine (I’ve kept mine going strong for 4 months now!) I shared more about my morning routine in this episode.

  • Things I do that bring me joy: Turn on diffuser, put on robe, do skincare routine, peppermint halo, get back in bed for reading and writing and being still

  • Walk with my morning coffee, have podcast or good music on

  • Keep outside world “turned off” until I’m ready for it. Puts ME in control of what I’m receiving rather than putting that power in outside sources

  • Breakfast to look forward to (croissants)

Curate your domains:

There aren’t too many places that are fully yours to own and have dominion over. So taking pride in those spaces and designing them in a way that will bring you happiness and delight every time you’re in them is so important. For me those domains include:

  • Room/Home

    • Create your dream space. Do little things now with what you can if you don’t have your “ultimate” dream space (i.e. olive tree)

  • Car

    • Keep your car clean, have it smell good, have good looking beverage bottles in it

  • Office/Desk

    • Make your work space clutter-free and inspiring

  • Your “look”

    • Have clothes that make you happy, don’t need a lot, just a uniform you love and feel good in

Evening routine:

I’m not normally a home body, look-forward-to-coming-home-type-person, but lately I get so excited when I think about coming home to my cozy clean room and doing my nighttime routine. That includes:

  • Shut off notifications for awhile

  • Turn lights down

  • Candles/diffusing for good smells

  • Body shower, night routine with oils

  • Getting into bed and reading or watching a favorite show

Steps to curate (co-create) your dream life that sparks joy:

  • Figure out what the things are that make you happy! If you already know, make a list! If not, go inward and ask yourself what the things are that light you up, and get specific. Ask questions like, what am I doing when I’m happiest, where am I, who am I with, what am I wearing, what am I eating?

  • Make a plan to incorporate those things in your life – write out a schedule, be intentional about the things you buy (proof that it’s not about extravagance or excess, but about investing in things that bring you joy and not buying just to buy), set goals for the future but hold it loosely

  • Practice contentment now with what you have, but also take steps towards adding the things you love to your life (house example for me)

  • Remember that you are free to enjoy this life :)  We are the best versions of ourselves when we’re happy, and we’re the only ones who can make ourselves happy, no one else can. The practice of creating a life that sparks joy is so much more than just having a pinterest-y home and a nice car, it’s about learning how to delight in the details of life, and how to take responsibility for your own happiness.

Sara B.

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