Long Distance Friendships


Sara and Kalee back together again! We may not have gotten to record sitting shoulder to shoulder on the floor of Sara's room, but after months of living apart, we finally got the chance to hop on the phone and catch everyone up on what Kalee's been up to the past few months, all the major and exciting life shifts she's experiencing at once, and how being long distance has affected our friendship.

We don't leave out the hard and messy parts of being two different humans in very different chapters of our lives, and how we're choosing to fight for the beauty that is our friendship. We also share practical tips for navigating a long distance relationship between two people with differing communication styles, and why these types of conversations don't just need to be reserved for romantic partnerships. It was so good getting to share this space again, and we hope you enjoy listening in on our conversation.

Listen to the full episode here: