The Hi Friend Podcast is Back


Oh hi friends. I have some fun news to share :) After a little bit of a hiatus, and a big life shift (for Kalee), the Hi Friend Podcast has returned!

Several months ago (ok like 7 months ago), I approached Kalee asking her how she would feel if I took the reigns on leading the podcast and started recording solo episodes, combined with our conversations still and then inviting new friends to the mix as well. We hadn’t been having an easy time finding the space in our schedules to record consistently, and I had really felt it put on my heart that I wanted to start recording podcast episodes, on top of my blog posts, to share the journey I was on and the ways in which I’ve been experiencing some amazing life and mindset shifts.

She graciously - and enthusiastically, cuz she’s a wonderful friend like that - agreed, and then it took just a bit to finally get things up and running, but here we are! This news comes with the bittersweet announcement (that I shared on last week’s first solo episode, episode 22) that Kalee recently moved to Seattle for a job and to intentionally embark on a new chapter in her life. This transition for us, or I guess I can only really speak for myself, has been tough, yet also beautiful in many different ways. The lead-up to this move was emotional to say the least. Kalee has been my person, my best friend, and my literal neighbor on the island for over 7 years now. Our lives have been so intertwined in so many ways. So when she started planning for this move, and then things unfolded rather quickly, it was a lot for me to take in.

I battled feelings of abandonment (no matter how much I logically knew this wasn’t what was actually happening) especially since I have lost several other very important people - family included - to the Pacific Northwest (not bitter towards that region or anything lol). To have had someone in the same life chapter and basically on a very similar journey of mine to share everyday life with has always been the biggest gift. We used to say that to each other all the time. So while we knew our friendship wasn’t going anywhere and long distance isn’t a life sentence, anticipating a big shift in our day-to-day friendship was hard, for both of us.

And yet, as with most “hard” things in life, there was so much beauty mixed in with this too. I knew this was something Kalee had been wanting for awhile and could see how excited she was for this new chapter. So along with the sadness came the beautifully blended excitement and joy for what my best friend was about to experience, and to know we’d get to navigate a friendship shifting forms but still connected and most importantly, still cheering each other on from afar.

Simultaneously with Kalee’s new chapter came this new space I had been in. A place of personal transformation and putting my head down and moving full speed towards different ideas and dreams that are finally all starting to click together. So this new direction and “season” for the podcast actually seemed very appropriate. A reflection of where we’re each at in our lives and in our friendship: Kalee being given the space she needs to step into this new city, home and job, and me pursuing the different projects and discoveries I’ve been excited about, with a podcast being an easy and fun outlet for part of that.

As our friendship is in a little bit of a season of stepping back and letting each other fully step into what’s in front of us at this point in life, the podcast fittingly reflects that. I’m very excited to start bringing you these new episodes, and feel there is a lot more to come in that area. And then I also can’t wait for the times when Kalee and I get to record together again, and to share with you all the excitement we both feel for each other’s journeys, and what that looks like in our friendship.

What a gift transition can be, even in the hard parts of it. Recognizing that there is a shedding of something comfortable and familiar so that even more new life can come forth is not easy, but it is oh so beautiful, especially when you have someone so wonderful tethered to you on the other end. I’m excited for Kalee, I’m excited for myself, and I’m excited about what’s to come in Hi Friend. So thank you so much for tuning it, for sharing it with your friends, and being a part of this journey with us. The best is still always yet to come :)

Sara B.