I Have So Much to Say


It was so special to have my soul sister Jessie on for our first guest spot on Hi Friend. Jessie and I have my favorite BFF meet-cute love story filled with synchronicities and overlap long before we met that we had the pleasure of sharing with you all, mixed with a peek into what our day-to-day conversations have evolved to (we've come a long way since bonding over 7 jeans), and how we help coach, guide and encourage each other through the ever-shifting and expansive realm we've found ourselves in. Jess shares a big life pivot that's been put in her path and how magic has infused the uncertain process, and I share my struggle with having an undefined career at the moment, forever questioning how to explain what it is I'm doing when presented with the question from strangers.

You can find Jessie and her beautiful heart, musings, food, and beauty inspiration over at Style & Pepper, her own lovely (ethical!) dress line at Season Everyday, and listen to her heartwarming and humorous conversations with her hubby Gerard on their podcast Marriage is Funny.

I feel so lucky to have every cell of your dynamic being in my life, Jess, and love knowing our friendship was written in the stars long before we met. I hope you all enjoy our conversation as much as we enjoyed having it, and please enjoy the video I surprised Jess with on the episode below.


Listen to the full episode here: