How I Use a Playlist to Change My Mood


A little while back I wrote about the different things I do to help me get into alignment, which basically just means the happiest, best and most full version of myself. This is a (fun!) discipline I’ve been learning and fine-tuning so that I have the ability to easily and quickly switch my mood by knowing the different things that work to make me happiest. A bigger list is over here, and as promised, I wanted to expand on one of them in particular - creating and listening to my high vibes playlist :)

While I understand it’s not earth-shattering information that music can affect our mood, it wasn’t until I created a very specific and intentional playlist that I realized the actual power of turning to music to embody a new persona and step into a higher vibration of emotion. So I started curating my High Vibes playlist which included my very favorite songs and all the ones that put me in the best mood and bring about the best kind of feels.

I go into more detail on episode 24 of the Hi Friend Podcast, but wanted to have a place to link out to my favorite tunes and explain how I chose the songs I did based off the categories I put them in, and more importantly, the mood I’m trying to achieve and how listening to just one song can help accomplish that for me.

When I Want to Feel Good

The first category is just songs that make me happy and boost my current mood. These are the songs that always make me want to dance, that put a smile on my face, that I want to listen to while getting ready in the morning or while going on a walk or if I’m just feeling kinda blah. Examples are as follows:

  • Shut Up and Dance - Walk the Moon

  • Good Nights - Whethan, Mascolo

  • MGNO - Russell Dickerson

  • All I Am - Jess Glynne

  • Cut to the Feeling - Carly Rae Jepson (song playing during above photo ;)

When I Want to Feel at Peace

If there is a decision I’m struggling with, or if I’m feeling anxious about something in the future or a situation, listening to songs like these truly help. I’m convinced that putting “Let it Be” in your earbuds and just laying still and letting the words wash over you will transport you to a higher state of consciousness. Just try it ;) A few examples from my playlist that help with this:

  • Let it Be - The Beatles

  • Meant to Be - Florida Georgia Line

  • Free - Gungor

When I Want to Feel Unstoppable

Maybe my favorite category of songs? It’s crazy to me that you can feel yourself transform into a more confident, powerful and badass state of being just by putting on one of your favorite anthems, but man this works like a charm for me. Some of my favorite power tunes that get me in my alter ego state:

  • This is Me - Keala Settle (Greatest Showman Soundtrack)

  • Domino - Jessie J

  • Girls @ - Joey Purp, Chance the Rapper (definitely just called him “Purp” in the podcast, right after claiming this song makes me feel cooler than I actually am…)

  • Good as Hell - Lizzo

  • I am Here - P!nk

When I Want to Re-Live a Memory

Certain songs bring me right back to specific times and places, and consequently, the good feelings that came with them.

  • Barcelona - Ed Sheeran (reminds me of my solo trip to Spain)

  • Talking - Elderbrook (reminds of me our first Best Lives Retreat)

When I Want to Feel the Love

Not exactly in the same category as the other songs as far as the kind of mood these ones put me in, but for now I still just have all my feel good songs in one playlist. But these are some of the songs that make me feel romantic and hopeful for the partner I’ll have some day and the way I’ll feel when I’m with him. And they’re also just dreamy to listen to:

  • Higher Love - James Vincent McMorrow

  • Can’t Help Falling in Love - Kina Grannis and Haley Reinhart (yes, I have two different covers of the same song because I love it that much)

  • Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran (this song always just gives me all the feels)

When I Want to Feel Some More

There are other songs that don’t exactly fit in categories but I still wanted to explain: songs that make me think of my Dad and childhood, songs that make me feel girl power-y, songs that I like to put my makeup on to, etc. Just giving you more ideas for songs to pull for your perfect playlist ;)

  • Ants Marching - Dave Matthews Band

  • Cry Love - John Hiatt

  • Most Girls - Hailee Steinfeld

  • Better Man - Leon Bridges

Feel free to steal songs from my playlist, and I hope you have so much fun coming up with your own :)

Sara B.

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