Why We Can't Just "Get Over Someone"


I felt nudged to share a more personal part of my healing journey, one that I'm currently in the midst of working through, because it's an area I think many people can relate to. And that is the "stuck-ness" of being attached to someone and the frustrating feeling of not being able to let go, even when we don't understand our feelings in the first place.

If moving on was easy, so many of us wouldn't struggle with this. But the reality is that there are much deeper forces at play when we find ourselves attached to someone that doesn't choose us back, or isn't in our worth. This fact can seem scary at first, but I've actually found it to be quite a relief when realizing the reason I hold on to attachments is because at a soul level I believe it will bring completeness and healing from something that was left unmet in me at a very young age.

My hope is to tackle this topic with vulnerability and determination, and to share parts of it transparently with the goal of bringing healing to my own soul in this area, and then to guide others into healing who may need it as well. This episode serves as a setting up of the story of attachment in my own life, and then the high-level ways that I believe attachment exists in the first place. Through this and future episodes we'll cover the root causes of what leads to attachments, and then share tools for how to begin to break free from these blocks.

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