Natural Skincare That Actually Changed My Skin


I think I’ve probably been a little too traumatized by the feeling that I’m constantly being sold something at every turn in this influencer-filled society we live in, and so I always feel a deep need to preface any product mention with the fact that it’s not an ad. I am so not against people using their platforms to sell something or make money, but I do find that I’m wary of people who mention products that feel disingenuous, or are clearly not something that they use themselves. On the flip side, if there is someone I follow and trust, I absolutely want to know the products they are using and loving and swear by as I’d prefer that over a brand marketing to me since it’s like hearing it from a friend.

All this to say, I will always be very clear if I’m ever getting paid to feature a brand here or on IG, and I will only work with a brand if it’s something I would absolutely use and already love myself. And will only use affiliate links on products I truly stand behind, hoping you love them as much as I do!

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, I truly feel so excited to share a brand that has been bringing me sooo much joy lately. As someone who’s wanting to convert as many of my skin, hair, and cleaning products as possible over to natural and toxin-free ones, I’m always on the lookout for ones that are good for me, but that actually work and are enjoyable to use as well. And so finding something that checks all those boxes when it comes to my skincare feels like a dream come true (at the end I’ll share pics of how my skin has actually changed from using this line consistently).

I had seen a few people sharing about Biossance and swearing by their products, and after looking into them, I was very impressed by how clean they were (all of their products show up as a “0” on the Think Dirty app), and as soon as I was ready to replace my current [mix of] skincare products, I jumped on their Black Friday deals to be able to try out all the things.


I was obsessed from the beginning. I love how they include extras and samples in their orders, and how all their packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable. And from the second I first used the products, I was in love. Here are my faves and what I love about them (listed in the order I use them at night):

The Cleansing OilI’ve been using the oil method for cleansing for awhile now and out of multiple different ones I’ve tried, this one is my favorite hands down. Not only does it take off all of my makeup so well (I still do use a little coconut oil after to take off all of my mascara, but the cleanser does remove most of it), but it feels so, so good on my face. It has a fresh, clean smell, and the large size will last so long (the smaller size is so perfect for travel too). Also, pro-tip with cleansing oils: they double as makeup brush cleaners!

The Glycolic Renewal Facial(I only use this one or twice a week) I love this mask and how powerful it feels. It legit exfoliates and I like the tingly feeling and how it doesn’t need to be left on long for there to be results.

The Peptide Eye GelI just like how it feels and the idea that I’m using an eye gel. TBH I’ve always been skeptical of eye gels and creams really producing significant (or any) results. But my friend swears it helped her dark circles!

The Phyto-Retinol (plant-based!) SerumIf you’ve spent any time researching the best products for skin especially as it relates to anti-aging, you most likely know that Retinol (or Retinoid products in general) combined with Vitamin C are the duo that are most often recommended.. I had been using a Retinol product on and off, but had started learning more about how harsh the chemicals are in it – pregnant and trying-to-conceive women are advised against using it which was enough to let me know I also probably shouldn’t be putting it on my skin (even though I’m in neither of those categories). So I love that this is perfectly clean, but also provides amazing results too.

The Omega Repair CreamOne of my favorites. So rich and creamy and feels so good on my dry winter skin. Want to slather it on my whole body.

Vitamin C Rose OilProbably my top fave. Smells so good and feels so luxurious on my skin. I try to savor it, but also find myself putting it on morning and night and just love how it feels on my face.

100% Squalane Oil – Every one of their products includes squalane btw, I just didn’t list that in every description. Squalane is a compound found in the skin, aiding in moisture, whose production begins to decline as we age. Typically derived from shark liver (no thanks), this squalane is formulated in a lab so that it’s good for you and for the environment and the sharkies. This product felt the most underwhelming to me, since it’s basically just a plain body oil (non-scented), but I do love how it feels and I mix it into my body lotion to make it last longer. I got it when it was on major sale for Black Friday otherwise I probably wouldn’t have purchased it in the future at the full price.

I also have the Micronutrient Mist which I use as a toner after my cleanser (it’s definitely not a toner, I just always like to make sure I got all my makeup off), and I like how that product feels as well. I just have yet to use it in it’s proper context haha.

The one product I haven’t tried and want to is the Mineral SPF 45 as a daily sun protection. I have SPF in the bb cream I use for makeup, but I’d like to have a solid clean SPF product I love on its own as well.


Overall Review

As I’ve already stated, I’m obsessed. I had wanted to find a skincare line I felt good about for all the reasons, and to stay consistent and brand loyal for a bit and I feel like I’ve finally found that brand for me. Not that I won’t change things up or add in other products of course, but to have found a product I love and trust makes me so happy. I truly look forward to my skincare routine every night and feel like it aids in helping me create the most beautiful and joy-filled life for myself.

Lastly, and most importantly, are the results. Full disclaimer that I’m sure there are multiple factors that went into helping the quality of my skin improve over a 6 month period, part of it just being that the “before’s” were taken in summer when it’s likely I have more natural sun damage during that time, BUT, I will say that I had been frustrated with the appearance of my skin for awhile and had noticed it had been darkening and was uneven in tone before that and at the end of summer too. I had wanted to use a Rodan & Fields product (the Reverse regime), but felt wary of the harsh chemicals in it. So my personal experiment was to start using a retinol product of some kind plus one with Vitamin C (without harsh chemicals), protect my skin from the sun as much as possible (though I’ve always tried to do that), stay consistent with one line or process so I can test what’s working, then I also did a few laser sessions at Skin Laundry in August, and tried to limit sugar when possible to help with breakouts. (Maybe not drinking could be a factor too?). I say this because I think it’s probably always pretty tough to know EXACTLY what’s providing results and what’s not since life and our bodies have so many variables, but I do feel strongly that using these products consistently is a big factor in evening out my skin tone and providing moisture, and combining good results plus a process that makes me happy is more than enough to keep me hooked on this line.

So enjoy some vulnerable before and afters (I honestly couldn’t believe there was this much of a difference in my skin), and while I link to every product in this post, I also just launched my FAVORITES PAGE where I have all my go-to and favorite products linked in one place if you ever want to come back to them and shop straight from there! More to come on the other products listed on that page, but for now I am just so happy shouting my deep love for Biossance from the rooftops. Happy glowing, beautiful friends.

(scroll to the right to see more. all of these are un-retouched (obviously), without makeup, taken in the same lighting and spaced over a 6 month period)


Sara B.

Sara Bacon