You Win Some, You Lose Some

Do you ever have those moments when you're completely overwhelmed with how hard it is to be an adult? I'm not talking about the really hard or serious things in life, but just the day-to-day tasks you need to accomplish to maintain a decent level of responsibility, health and sanity. Basically this meme:


It's really easy for me to catastrophe-spiral into how I'll never have it all together when life gets really "busy" and I didn't make it to yoga at all that week or didn't have any time to meal prep and I feel like I'm neglecting certain friends by not reaching out enough.

And then a new week rolls around and suddenly I find myself with a wide-open Sunday where my room is completely clean, I had time to buy groceries for the week and fresh flowers for my room, I tried a new recipe, and I ended the day with a leisurely dinner with friends and a walk around the island with plenty of time to get to bed at a decent hour. Funny how quickly the outlook on our life and our capabilities can change, isn't it? (I partially blame this extreme emotional yo-yoing on my exciting Gemini personality). But one of the beauties of aging and gaining more perspective on your life and the inevitable swings you'll encounter, is that it helps to remove the severity of your emotions around certain experiences. You remember, "this too shall pass," and learn to heap more grace onto your plate as you navigate through more challenging chapters.

A tiny mental shift I made recently has made such a difference. Equipped with the knowledge that some weeks I'll feel like I'm thriving, and others I'll feel like I'm barely surviving, I moved from a place of resistance to acceptance of whatever it was I was capable of that day, or that week. For example: instead of stressing that I didn't have time to pack a lunch or beating myself up because I had to order takeout one night, I simply let myself enjoy the treat of a meal that I didn't have to make myself. Or when I look ahead at my calendar and don't see any space in it for exercising that week, I resign myself to the fact that this week that will just have to be de-prioritized and I'll have space for it when the time is right. Giving myself permission to just let it go is so very freeing. I'm sure a lot of you already practice this (or just don't stress about these kind of things like I do haha), but in case it helps free up any guilt or negative self-talk in your life, I thought I'd share. Some good mantras to have on repeat in your brain are "You're doing a good job," "You're doing the best you can with what you have," "This may not be your week, but next week will be." 

Hang in there, Every Day Life Warriors, you've got this. 


Sara B. 


Sara Bacon