The Bestie Parts of My Life: Diary of a Free-Flowing Spirit 11.9.18


It’s one of my bestie’s birthdays today – sweet Kalee who co-hosts the “Hi Friend” podcast with me and who has also been my neighbor on this island for almost 7 years because God is good and he loves me – and yesterday I celebrated another bestie’s birthday (hey-ooo Jess) and so all this bestie celebrating has me thinking about the girlfriends in my life.

I have lots of BFF’s, which I understand doesn’t properly adhere to the superlative of “best” friend. Picking a maid of honor someday will be next to impossible. Probably won’t actually. The reason I call so many of these women my best friend (I can think of about 7 right now that I would give this title to) is because each of these amazing women occupy such a different space of my heart in such a special way. The ones who have known me since kindergarten and who have grown up with my family and who know every awkward stage I’ve ever been in, the ones who became my best friend in an instant, feeling as if “destined soulmate bestie” is a far more suitable title, the ones who I’ve spent seasons apart from but who’ve returned and our friendship is richer than ever, the ones who I get along with almost too perfectly and have helped set my husband compatibility standard, the ones who I go to for wisdom, for laughter, for processing, for comfort, for deep conversations, for materialistic and surface-level conversations, etc., etc., etc. It’s all such a gift to me.

kels and sara.JPG

A lot of these friendships are a part of my alignment rituals. Just thinking about one of these friends in particular, or a time we’ve shared together, or something loving they’ve said to me, is something I draw on when I need a love boost, or to get into a better mood. It’s one of the reasons I’m grateful to still be single at this age in my life. Because when I’ve lacked a constant partner, I’ve seen the beauty of my relational needs being met in the incredible tapestry of multiple women’s spirits joining in partnership with mine. Women who have held me and cheered for me, and listened to me and moved mattresses for me when I couldn’t do it alone. I’ve learned the act of humility by surrendering to my pride and asking for things that I need. Whether that’s a ride home from the airport or someone to spend the night with me when I don’t want to be alone. This season of life is not what I thought it was going to look like 10 years ago. The truth is that it’s even richer and more multi-dimensional than I could have ever imagined.


And celebrating my friends’ birthdays is my favorite because it’s so easy to celebrate someone and something that is one of the most life-giving parts of my life. Thank you to each and every one of you, dear friends. For loving me and partnering with me so well and making this life as beautiful as it is.

Sara Bacon