When to Wait and When to Move: Diary of a Free-Flowing Spirit 11.5.18


The reason I’ve had way more time to flit about lately and get to do things on my own schedule is because starting last month, my hours for my freelance marketing job went from 20/week to 10/week and stayed the same into November. I was hoping it would only be a temporary shift for one month, but now that it’s crossed into two, I’m aware that the amount of finances that’s providing is not enough.

It’s tough though because I’m not upset about the hours cutback. I actually really enjoy having free time weighted on my side to spend my days how I want, and to get more time to write and have space freed up for other things that bring me joy. But I also would like money flowing my way of course. So I’m in a place of holding. I want to believe that anything is possible, and not revert back to work that doesn’t feel aligned for me just to make money. And I also believe that abundance and money can come from anywhere, not just an hourly or salaried job.

I’ve stopped and checked in with my intuition many times when trying to determine what my next steps should be in looking for a job or an additional source of income. And for now the only answer I continue to hear is “write.” Which is maybe why I am now writing with some sort of feverish determination. I’ve struggled with resistance in the past around writing and publishing even though that still, small inner voice has often always told me to “write,” and so for me this consistent flow of thoughts to paper is new and exciting.

I don’t have any clarity on what comes after that – what exactly to write about, where to write these things, how that will earn me any money. But I do know that I feel clear about the joy it gives me, and I’m proud of myself for stepping firmly out of that resistance for the time being. Honestly I’m sure it’s even overkill on some level - to go from posting once every couple of months to once a day. But I’m going to keep saying “yes” one day at a time to what’s put on my heart, and trust that God is working on weaving all the details together on his end into a clear and beautiful story that will fully unfold before me when the timing is just perfect. I can’t wait to hear (and write) what comes next.

Sara Bacon