The Garden: Diary of a Free-Flowing Spirit 11.27.18


When you want to do it all


When you want to write stories and poems and spill your brain onto paper

When you want to bring others deep into the journey you’re on

When you want freedom so fully for every human being

When you want stories to liberate and break down the walls

When you want to move to an island and know only 10 other souls

When you want to attend the most fanciest of balls

When you want to host dinners with tables that are 50 feet long

When you want to sit on the floor of a flower shop weaving bouquets in your hands

When you want people to come and find healing while being in your presence

When you want your life to shine and sparkle til all those nearby are covered in light

When you want to visit the corner of the world that keeps calling your name

When you want to carry life in the safety of your core

When you want to do nothing more than spend all day staring into the eyes of the one that you love

When you want to feed bodies and souls with food you provide

When you want little girls to be filled to the brim with the fullest of Loves

When you want older girls to walk freely and boldly through this life without fear

When you want a wine bar filled with laughter and shadows cast by candlelight

When you want to paint out your pain with the thickest of paints

When you want to start movements to end all the pain

When you want an office in a corner and a desk made of glass

When you want to wash dishes and make the house feel like home

When you want your own garden with plants for body and soul

How do you know which plant to plant first or which seed to explore?

When each would bring life in their own special way

And each would be just as fun to plant in its own kind of way

I guess you’d just pick one and put it in the earth

Because one tiny seedling is better than a garden of dirt

Sara Bacon