Meditation on a Love Force: Diary of a Free-Flowing Spirit 11.24.18


I know it’s been a few days since I’ve written a post on here – it’s because I was celebrating and enjoying Thanksgiving with my best friend’s family out in Arizona and didn’t have much alone time to write. I say that less as an excuse (because of course that’s a good reason not to write), but the truth is that I missed my daily writing practice when I was away. It’s been so lovely to see how special and life-giving this habit has become in my everyday life.

So today I had a moment before I headed out on a day adventure with my sweet Kalee, and I did the thing I usually do before putting my hands on the keys to start writing when I don’t know what I’m going to write that day: I get real still and close my eyes and silence my mind as best as I can. I then sit and wait to see if there are any words or feelings stirring in my chest (or my gut more typically) that I feel called to expand upon.

While sitting in that stillness today I was made particularly aware of my heartbeat. It felt extra strong (probably because of the 3 sips of coffee I had this morning) and so I began to marvel at the often-unacknowledged miracle of the organ that is responsible for pumping blood through our entire bodies, day after day, second after second. Thank you hard-working heart that I so often taken for granted!! As I focused on the rhythmic beating, I pictured the course the blood was on as it flowed through my body. And from there I began to picture a visual meditation that I loved and wanted to share in case you wanted to use it as well:


My heart. The source of life and energy in my body. The strength and consistency of a powerful life force coursing through my being. So grateful, so in awe. I pictured this blood as a personification of Love, giving life to me and allowing me to move through this life filled with Love in every cell of my body. I pictured the Love – a deep, rich, bold red; dynamic, glistening, substantial and smooth – starting in my heart, being created, fed and purified by Pure Divine Love, and then being released to reach every part of my body. Bursting from my chest and moving down my arms, going into every finger and then looping back out of them, after each one had been filled. Circling around my heart before coming back to my core, adding its loving and healing touch to each one of my organs. Making its way through my pelvis and then down each of my legs, all the way to my toes, warming each part of me as It goes, and then quickly turning around and traveling all the way back up again. The Love Current then makes it’s way up to my neck, touching my vocal chords that will now bring words of Love to my speech all day long, going past my ears that will be attuned to loving words and sounds I get to receive, and then feeding into my precious brain, soaking every one of my thoughts in Love from that moment on. After the Love is done making its way through every cell in my brain, it returns back down to the heart, where it culminates in an all-encompassing explosion of Love and warmth that allows me to feel and walk in the awareness of my belovedness to the very core of my being.

Repeat as many times in one sitting or throughout the day as needed.

Sara Bacon