Heaven House: Diary of a Free-Flowing Spirit 11.2.18


My body felt as if it might start levitating with all of the electricity and energy coursing through it. This boutique and café (Morning Lavender) literally feels like it was custom-made for me. Bright whites, pink floral wallpaper, chandeliers, beautiful drinks and cups, a flower wall with pink neon writing, white marble tables and countertops, gold details sprinkled in here and there, blush colored plush booth seating against the wall. The shop had lace crop tops paired with tulle skirts and delicious smelling candles, and cozy soft sweaters and the pretty cards you want to give your friends, a print of a fiddle leaf fig that was darling and begging to be put on my gallery wall. The girl behind the counter at the café was one of the loveliest people I have met. Her gold-tinged red hair mirrored her sunny disposition as she detailed the menu to me and called me by name and bopped around offering to take pics of all the customers who were equally as enamored with each of the instagrammable corners of this place as I was. “Is this heaven?” I kept wondering. I texted Jess my feelings and sent her pics cuz she understands what it’s like to have those perfect aligning moments and she freaked out for me on my behalf and said, “This is what your heaven house looks like in my head!!!!!!!” And so of course tears sprung to my already almost-teary eyes. Friends who understand your deepest joys and know you – is there anything better?


I truly couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. While simultaneously feeling like I had to hold back tears because I started having visions of wanting to open my “Perfect Sara” space someday. A light and bright shop with natural light and white marble and gold and glass light fixtures. Gorgeous candles burning at all times. Perfectly delicious and unique drinks that people want to take pictures of and also enjoy every second of drinking. Healthy and simple food options that are wholesome and comforting. A champagne and wine bar with beautiful glasses. Those old fashioned champagne glasses (called coupes – just looked it up ;) with delicate gold rims. And the perfect stemmed, slightly oversized red wine glasses that feel so good in your hand. White flowers and greenery in all the vases, fiddle leaf fig plants in bold pots, an outdoor patio that’s quaint and intimate with bistro lights lighting it up at night. A little shop attached to the café/bar that had perfectly curated home and fashion items. Chic throw blankets and scarves that look like they could be interchangeable, my favorite candles burning (the Jonathan Adler “Champagne” candle if you must know), woodsy, buttery palo santo sticks, rose quartz crystals and amethysts, tulle skirts and sequined party dresses, high heels and delicate jewelry and natural skincare that’s good for your body and aesthetically pleasing for your bathroom. Sigh, I want it all.


While my mind was quickly running away with itself, picturing this dream store on a tiny main street somewhere that’s walk-able from my home, I tried to bring myself back down to earth with thoughts of events I could even host right from here. People who I could invite into this feeling with me. I always return to hosting as something I feel meant to do, something that always fills me up rather than drains me. So maybe all these different dreams can come to fruition in their own ways and in their own time. But maybe for now I just realize it’s worth it to make the 20 min drive to this place if it’s going to light me up in this incredibly delicious and magical way and let my work and dreams flow from there…

Sara Bacon