Cute Pajama Outfit: Diary of a Free-Flowing Spirit 11.13.18


I spent a good amount of time writing an upcoming post today, so I feel as if that met my personal writing quota for the day. But as somewhat of a preview for that post, and to model a practice I’ve been doing lately, I’ll share a peek into one of my alignment rituals: a rampage of appreciation (basically just listing out every little thing I’m appreciative of for an extended period of time). Here’s what I’ve got for today:

The warm and fuzzy hot water bottle on my feet at the moment, a cozy bed to snuggle up in, the candles that are lit right now, wearing a pajama outfit I like, seeing Molly and Shayda for lunch tomorrow, heading to the desert tomorrow, my phone call with Kels today, time spent at Kit, time spent writing, upcoming events I’m planning and projects I’m excited about, how cute my cat looks right now, the long walk I went on, the weather today, the way the water was extra sparkly, discovering the Unspoken podcast, starting a new audio book, pre-ordering a book I’m excited about, seeing Kalee, being able to buy groceries at the store, looking forward to a car ride by myself tomorrow, lavender tea, the eye masks I’m wearing, re-living Best Lives Retreat memories with J & G, where I live, thinking about being at home with my family for Christmas, getting excited about being in AZ for Thanksgiving with the Artigues, my gold, glittery nails, the way they sound when I’m typing, the fact that it’s been low humidity lately, thinking of projects to do in my room/our house, excited for Christmas on the island and getting our tree, the new eucalyptus soap I got, the Voluspa candle Lauren got me, friends and family that love and support me no matter what.

Sara Bacon