Good Daydream Day: Diary of a Free-Flowing Spirit 11.12.18

Today was a good day. A good dream day. A good daydream day? Anyways…what I mean is that I spent a good chunk of time working towards dream ideas of mine, and I felt like I saw them move in tangible directions and that felt really nice. I wrote a new blog post (coming soon), I did some planning around a business venture that’s been slowly in the works, and I started to organize an event for a social justice issue that’s near and dear to my heart at the moment. And that felt effing great to start putting action to anger and channel rage-y feelings into powerful and hopeful steps.

So I’m feeling the residual buzz of the joy that comes from doing the kind of work my soul loves doing too. And I’m letting myself get carried away with the snowballing of daydream thoughts rolling through my brain. In a good way. Some days they feel a lot more like a pack of wild butterflies encircling my body that I’m trying to lasso with a rope as useless as a piece of floss. But today I feel clear and focused, with my thoughts neatly organized into lanes like that of a luge track, watching them glide easily and quickly down the hill.

So I will celebrate this good day and the clarity that came after asking for it nicely just yesterday. I will celebrate by watching an ep from season 2 of Making a Murderer, and by snuggling with my hot water bottle which has quickly become my lover and new best friend. Have I talked about that here yet? If not, get ready for the parade of love sonnets I’m prepared to dedicate to it. It’s everything to me.

Till tomorrow, dreamers.

Sara Bacon