Introducing...The Hi Friend Podcast

About a year ago, one of my best friends and I started to dream about starting our own podcast together. The idea came about after spending countless collective hours talking back and forth on Voxer - a walkie talkie-like app that lets you record long (very long) voice notes to send to one another. The beauty is that you can listen and respond whenever you want, so no live phone call is needed. Many times it was used to update each other on our days, or to make plans, or even as an excuse to go outside and take a walk in the middle of the work day. But eventually this turned into a form of therapy for us. A way to unload and talk through all the things going on in our hearts and our minds, and know that it was going to be received by someone safe on the other end who we trusted with those deep feelings and thoughts. It's been an especially powerful gift for me, and we always make sure to tell each other how grateful we are for each other, and for this friendship.

Through those conversations, the idea to start a podcast and bring these discussions to light started to stir in both our hearts at the same time. Our hope was that other women would be able to listen in, and be encouraged in the same ways we have both felt encouraged. To know that they're not alone in some of the fears, hurts, questions, and hopes that they have, and that their stories deserve to be met with grace and love as well. 

So it is both super exciting and super scary for me to announce that after much dreaming and planning, and actually a lot of hard work (I had no idea how hard it would be), we're ready to officially announce our very own podcast! It's called "Hi Friend" - the greeting we use to start almost every conversation with each other - and we have a website and it's on iTunes and everything. While on the one hand, I am so over the moon and so proud to see this dream become a reality, the truth is I feel incredibly nervous and vulnerable and can't stop cringing every time I think of someone actually listening to it. I know I should be asking my sweet followers and friends to "subscribe, rate, and review" on iTunes, but at this point I almost want to request you not listen to it at all instead, and just congratulate us for actually following through with this. But if Elizabeth Gilbert's "Magic Lessons" podcast has taught me anything, it's that I will keep showing up, and keep following my heart with something I feel compelled to create, and I won't let fear be the boss of me.  

I've been trying to lean into the things that have been scaring me a lot lately, and this is definitely one of them. So we did it. We dreamt it, we put in the work, and now we're releasing it and removing the weight of other's expectations off our shoulders. I hope we keep it up, if only for ourselves, but if I'm being honest, I really hope you like it too (maybe give us a few episodes grace period to get better?). Thank you for always being so supportive of me, and this blog, and if nothing else, I hope you feel encouraged to be bold and courageous and go after the dreams you've been storing in your heart as well.


Sara B.