Before and After Room Purge

My room purge / makeover has been quite the labor of love (if you missed it, you can read about my purge process here). What started as a crazy urge to simplify and pare down my life turned into me realizing I wanted to change things up in the room I've been living in for quite some time now, and it was such a fun project to work on. I found myself making weekly IKEA trips, constantly on the search for new prints + frames for my gallery wall, and tackling lots of home improvement projects that felt so rewarding to accomplish.

I had been hoping to document the transformation at some point so now I finally get to do so! Warning: the before pictures are actually terrifying. While they were shot at a time my room was a little messier than normal, I hate to say that it wasn't far off from how it normally looked. As I look back through those photos I can't believe how much I let accumulate and I am SO grateful to have it all gone! Knowing my drawers and shelves and closets aren't all jam-packed full of stuff feels so good. I still feel I have more I could get rid of, and I truly hope I keep this simplifying phase going. Alright, here goes nothing:



Sara Bacon