Hello and welcome to Glitter and Grace! I'm Sara and this is a space where I hope to bring beauty, light, freedom, hope, healing, grace, and obviously lots of sparkly, shiny goodness to everyone who graces these pages. I started this site as a place to catalog and share all my favorite things, it slowly evolved into a "style" blog, and as I started to incorporate more posts written from my heart - about faith, heartache, love - I realized this was when I felt most aligned with my passions and was able to connect with readers on a much deeper and sweeter level, further confirming this was the type of work my soul longed for. 

I got "stuck" for awhile and didn't post a single post for a year and eight months, all the while feeling like something was missing from my life. I've always loved to write, and along with a few other hopes and dreams I have tucked away in my heart, this blog was one of the things that made my heart flutter every time I thought of returning to it. So I finally stopped ignoring that spark, and decided instead to embrace the pieces of life that make me feel most alive, and most like the free and full me I'm supposed to be. 

This blog will house a mix of content no doubt, but through every post my hope is that I reveal an authentic piece of myself that inspires you to be the truest and fullest version of yourself. I hope you enjoy reading, and please say hello! I'm so glad you're here.

(Oh, a few quick things about me: I love red wine, living by the sea on Balboa Island, Jesus, cats, dressing up, and the color "gold glitter.")