Hello and welcome to Glitter and Grace

I'm Sara and this is a space where I hope to bring beauty, light, freedom, hope, and obviously lots of sparkly, glittery goodness to everyone who graces these pages.

Like most bored receptionists in their mid 20s, I started a blog as a place to catalog and share all my favorite things, it slowly evolved into a "fashion" blog, and as I began to incorporate more posts written from my heart - about faith, love, and co-creating my most beautiful life - I realized this was when I felt most aligned, and I loved being able to connect with readers on a much deeper and truer level, further confirming this was the type of work my soul wanted to do.

I believe that as humans we thrive individually and collectively when we’re free to live fully just as we were created to be, and I delight in being able to release others into that freedom. I also believe a joy- and love-filled life is available to everyone, and these pages will contain the ways in which I’m creating that story for myself.

I’m so happy you’re here, and I can’t wait to create and live out our most beautiful lives together.

(Oh, a few quick things about me: I love living by the sea on Balboa Island, dancing whenever possible, eating large amounts of pasta, dwelling on the depths of God’s love for me, dressing up, and the color "gold glitter.”)

photos by Third Coast Photography