Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More DIY Valentines

I know we're cutting it a bit close to Valentines Day, so I apologize this post is borderline late, but I thought I would share it anyways because these cards don't have to be used just as Valentines! Thanks to my love for this glorious holiday, and inspiration from people all around me, I set off to make some Valentine's this weekend to send lots of love to my friends and family. (For those of you that think that Valentine's Day just has to be a holiday dedicated to boyfriends/girlfriends and husbands/wives, you're wrong! Use it as an opportunity to spread love to all the people around you).

Turns out, these were way easier to make than I thought, and now I have literally become obsessed with wanting to make Valentines and cards at all times. All it took was a trip to Michaels, around $20, and I had enough to make at least 24+ Valentines. All I bought was brown paper card stock (a 24 pack with cards and envelopes), glitter tape in 2 colors, adhesive hearts, glitter, sequin and red paper, and then I already had the twine (also from Michaels), glue, scissors, and gold sharpie. I've included a few examples below, but really the sky is the limit with the amount of things you can do. Even just sticking one adhesive red glittery heart in the middle of a card looked cute to me! 

Hope these give you some ideas for last minute Valentines you can make, or homemade cards when  you're feeling crafty and like you want to save a little bit of money. Have fun making them, and I'd love to see pictures of the ones you come up with too! (Tag me in instagram, or twitter if you can!) and have such a very wonderful day!!

Sara B


  1. just adorable -- you are so creative! xo


  2. How was I not following you on Instagram? I am now!


  3. Oh these are so lovely :) I will have to make some with all these card stock I have at home!


  4. These are so cute, Sara! I love sending valentine's cards to my girl friends, and they all got so excited when they opened them!

  5. these are amazing! Have you ever thought of starting up a little shop?

  6. Love all of these! I think the glitter is totally making them that much better!

  7. These are all so cute!!

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  8. This is such a cute idea, and so very sparkly! Alas, I just ended up being boring and bought my Valentines this year.

  9. I am loving all the glitter and sparkles! :)

    xx Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

  10. ok the glitter is totally cute!! let me know if you end up making ones on the sewing machine too:)
    happy almost valentines day:) xo

  11. I am LOVING all your DIY Valentines cards!