Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Mint

Forever 21 sweater (couldn't find this one online, but they have sooo many cute sweaters right now), Target jeans (similar), Old Navy booties (old), Anthropologie necklace (gift from my Grandad! he's the best), ILY Couture bracelet (c/o), Target watch and sunglasses

After a week and a half long vacation, it's time to go back to real life. No more sleeping in every day and lazy mornings with family and chai's and long walks. No more wearing the same shirt for days in a row and forgetting what day of the week it is. No more cookie and white chocolate peppermint bark overload (hopefully). It's time to turn the alarm clock back on and make grocery shopping lists and outfit planning lists with your new Christmas clothes, and get back to work. 

But like every new year, the end of vacation means the promise of starting over, the hope of renewed dreams and motivation, and the excitement and anticipation of what lies ahead for a fresh new year. I love this feeling. So 2013, I am ready for you, let's do this. 

Photos by the wonderful Bettina

Sara B


  1. What a gorgeous, comfortable, girly looking outfit! Love that mint sweater. :)
    And I still have two more days off of work, so I'm still trying to drag out the holidays as long as possible! :)

  2. Ooh, I love that collar! I'm back to work today, so no more holiday for me! Hope you're having a great one though! xo, Maria

  3. such a cute outfit! love the color of your sweater!


    Fashion Fractions

  4. Forever21 sweaters really are the best! And I love collar necklaces!

    xoxo Jayne from

  5. Love the colour of your sweater! :) xo

  6. I love the crisp light blue sweater contrast with your skin tone and dark hair! Work it girl! Happy New Year and I wish you the best! xo

  7. I am feeling you on all of that, I don't work until later tonight so I am feeling the lazy creep on a little longer but I am relieved the baked goods and daytime naps will be at a minimum and life can resume as normal!

    PS- got the pass! Same address twice, so strange!

  8. Wow!! I love that sweater so much and the necklace,awesome, your granddad has great taste!

  9. Gorgeous necklace, I've been lusting over that at Anthro for a while! Happy New Year!

  10. great color, love the combo with the leopard
    your newest follower :)


  11. This sweater is a fantastic color, and I love the necklace--great job Grandad! Happy New Year!
    Libby at

  12. Oh I am sooo dreading getting back to real life! I suppose it has to happen, but why does time go by so fast? Such a cute sweater!

  13. Oh my gosh! I think I totally saw you at Milk and Honey whatever day you wore this sweater, because I remember thinking to myself how cute your sweater and pants were together. Small world :)

    1. Ah no way! That was totally me because I did wear this to Milk + Honey! Haha. Hope you got something delicious that day and happy new year to you! xo

  14. love your sweater! i have a f21 gift card calling my name!

    C's Evolution of Style

  15. Still totally loving the color of that sweater :) looks so good against the neutral background.

    So happy we got to catch up over the weekend!

  16. LOVE the booties! Your so cute!