Monday, January 21, 2013

Sparkles and Spikes

Well hellloooo there! I hope you maybe have the day off in celebration of Mr. MLK! I do not, so it's regular blogging as usual. This is what I wore on NYE actually (well for the most part - I had different black pants and a few different accessories), since I had a very low key night. My only must was the shoes and then I planned a pretty simple outfit around them since I was just going to be hanging at my parents with some girlfriends for the night. Gold and olive green has always been a fave combo of mine and I've been pretty into this shirt lately (thank you Old Navy sale!)

I also have been wearing my new spike necklace from Bip & Bop non-stop (take it from the top! sorry) and am pretty sure it goes with every outfit. The spike bracelet she so kindly sent me also gets worn most days. I'm telling you, her jewelry can do no wrong. I love how simple and delicate her pieces are and how perfectly they go with everything. If you haven't checked out her shop yet, make sure you head over and do so! And have a very marvelous Monday!

Photos by Bettina

Sara B


  1. Those shoes! They just get better each time you wear them. Great casual NYE outfit, I always struggle with buying something super fancy to wear for NYE because I want to be able to wear it again. This is casual enough to wear day after day but still sparkly and fun enough to work for a low-key New Years! Excellent work, Sara.

  2. this is beyond adorable! in love with those shoes!


    Fashion Fractions

  3. Can we discuss how freaking adorable those shoes are? Oh my gosh!

  4. i think this outfit defines glitter and grace. you are always so gorgeous!! :)

    The DayLee Journal

  5. Perfect outfit, as always! Always love your nails and shoes! :)

  6. Simple, yet so fabulous! And, I love that you wear these heels so much. I need to get my hands on them too!

    Love it, Sara!

  7. love how you're wearing those sparkly shoes for every day wear! xo

  8. Those shoes are so special! Love how the last shot with your nails turned out!

  9. The subtle sparkles are fab - those shoes are killer!

  10. K, the bangs? Totally cute. I forgot to mention them tonight, but I maaaay just use them as my "template" next time I get my trim ;) So fun to see you! You look beautiful as always (love this top by the way)!

    Nook & Sea

  11. Absolutely love the simplicity of this. It is so chic but still casual for an everyday look. How do you know just what to do?!