Friday, January 25, 2013

Rainy Day in Paris

I recently found this card and can't stop being so in love with it. Her dress, her bag, the dog, the umbrella, the words - I adore it all. 

Our forecast is pretty rainy for this typically sunny corner of the world, and even though warm rain by the beach isn't the worst thing ever, I kinda wish I could transport myself to a rainy day in Paris instead. I searched for a perfect picture to add on here, but all of them were so dreamy and romantic I just couldn't decide. If you want to get lost in a rainy day in Paris, here are a few that will help you do that :)

Have a fantastically cozy weekend darlings!

Sara B

(card is by Curly Girl Design - their stuff is incredibly wonderful!)


  1. what a cute card -- and I might have to agree! haha xo

  2. What an adorable card - so cute, in fact, I had to use it as the desktop on my computer!


  3. I agree - if it rains and it's miserable outside, it's best to be in Paris, walk around the streets with a colourful umbrella (and a dog), and then go to a little cafe for a cup of coffee and deliciously buttery croissant.... You made me dream about Paris, too! :)

  4. Hey Sara
    Love your new heading super super cute! That glitter stands out! So you! I love it!!