Friday, January 18, 2013

Pieces of Glitter

{fun overnight trip to San Diego last weekend to see the brother and sis-in-law's adorable new place}

{their house is just a short walk away from the beach}

{this set-up for the tiniest little kitty?! get outta here}

{i really liked my outfit this day, can i say that? full outfit post to come most likely}

{weather that's now back in the 70s. i'm beyond happy about this}

This week kinda dragged on a little bit, so I am very happy that today is Friday, and that I have a weekend full of sunshine and warmth ahead of me. I feel a twinge of guilt every time I talk about the weather and how warm it is here (or complain when it's in the 50s), because I know it is so freezing in other parts of the country. Your tweets and comments about highs in the 20s kill me! But just know that for 4.5 years I dealt with super cold weather up in the NW and so every time I experience warm sunshine, I'm going to appreciate it to the max. I don't think I'll ever be able to live somewhere that gets super cold again. My body just wasn't built for that. Instead, I want to be able to go to the beach in January. And Lord willing, that is what I am going to be doing this weekend.

Have such a wonderful day friends.

Sara B


  1. great photos -- especially loving the maxi skirt on you! xo

  2. LOVE that maxi skirt, where did you get it??? Please do an outfit post ASAP so i can go buy it!!

  3. Love your maxi skirt. Stunning!!!! Looking forward to that outfit post.


  4. Your brother and sisters house is the most darling little beach cottage. I love it!

  5. Love all the photos! I'm so jealous that you live in Cali!

    xx Michelle

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  6. I really love that outfit too! That skirt is so perfect with the stripes and jacket.


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  7. What fun pictures! I love your outfit too. I've been loving maxi skirts lately. Love your combo w/the striped shirt and jacket.

  8. Soak up that sunshine! I think I'm the opposite with weather: after living in non-stop sunshine for a year, I missed the cold and grey:-) But, I have wavy hair and I want straight hair...grass is greener yada yada! xoxo

  9. Hi Sara! I'm your newest follower and I just loooove your blog! Can't wait to get to know you more, especially since we both have an obsession with glitter. A girl after my own heart!!

    Bri Rios

  10. i really like your outfit there too!
    and i love that little kitty home. so adorable!!

    The DayLee Journal

  11. LOVEEEEE that house!! Dreamy!

    Nook & Sea