Wednesday, December 26, 2012

To My Grandad

I interrupt this blogging break to pay a quick tribute to someone that is incredibly special to me. As I head out to the desert to spend part two of Christmas with my Grandad and family, I am overwhelmed with how thankful I am for this man and what a special role he's played in my life. I have been blessed to be able to spend lots of time with my grandparents over the years and have so many memories with him and my Grammy. From trips to Hawaii, to a recent trip to Vegas he treated us to, we have the privilege of benefitting from his incredible generosity and investment of time into our lives. 

My Grandad has always been there to support me, to encourage me, and even to regularly read my blog (just the sweetest). He is an incredible gift giver (even braving Forever 21 to buy us gift cards), thoughtful enough to send us cards in the mail just because, and lots of fun (taking us to a 10pm Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas). I treasure the fact that he was always a part of my Dad's life, and then even more so that he has always been a part of mine. 

So Grandad, this Christmas I just want to say thank you for everything you've done for me, for always believing in me, and know that I love you so incredibly much! Can't wait to see you and for so many more memories to come.  

{me, Dad, and Grandad - three generations}

{last Christmas}

{Grandad and my Grammy, who I miss every day}

Hope you're enjoying the holidays with your loved ones and a happy new year to you!

Sara B


  1. I'm an only child. I never knew my grandparents very well. You are absolutely lucky.

  2. Yeah, you're totally lucky! This was lovely. I'm glad my husband still has grandparents because they are the greatest!

  3. Awww Sara B your grandad always looks so sweet and friendly in every picture you post! Both my grandfathers passed away before I was born, so it warms my heart to see the lovely relationship you have with your grandad :) I love that you wrote about him braving F21 and taking you all to a 10 pm show of cirque du soleil, he's quite the adventurous grandad. You Grammy was gorgeous BTW!

  4. His tan in that last picture totally makes me smile! So sweet!

  5. Am I the luckiest daughter-in-law in the world or what, to have him as my dad?! He is the BEST!!! I feel blessed beyond belief. I am so happy you dedicated this blog to him. I never had a deep or long relationship with either of my grand parents. You are very fortunate indeed to have him as your Grandad. XOXO

  6. Very, very sweet. I never got to meet either of my grandpa's, and this made my heart just swell! You are such a blessed girl :) Love these cute photos!

    Nook & Sea