Friday, November 9, 2012

The Week's End

Hello friends and happy last day of the week. I'm sorry my blog posting has been pretty sub-par all week. To be completely honest, this week my blog has felt like more of a chore than a joy or fun outlet. I had to practically force myself to close my computer at almost 2 am several nights this week so I could make it to bed at a fairly reasonable (read: ridiculous) hour. I have been wrestling with how to balance everything I want and need to do in a day, and unfortunately most days I am left feeling stretched and anxious trying to do it all. And ultimately like I'm doing too many things moderately well instead of investing my time into a few things and doing them incredibly well. So bear with me while I learn to balance my time, my passions, and my responsibilities, and try and give myself grace through it all. 

To end this crazy week, I am off on a mini-adventure today that I have been looking forward to for months now!! I don't know why I've decided to keep the news a secret on my blog, I think I just want to wait till it's fully official before saying anything. But if you follow me on instagram (or know me in real life), you will see what I am so incredibly excited for this weekend. Also, speaking of instagram, have you seen the new online profiles they've been rolling out? I kinda love them, and Mom, it's a way easier way to follow me now ;)

I hope you have such a lovely weekend and I'm looking forward to stepping up my game next week. Happy Friday!

Sara B


  1. I can totally relate to being stressed about blogging and how it can feel like a chore. I just started blogging in July and I love it but it is a lot of work. I'm finding it hard to juggle it with my son, husband, job and getting ready for the holidays. I'm still enjoying it but it is hard to maintain it and keep it fresh. I really like your blog.


  2. Have fun on your trip! I'm sure you will have one of the best weekends you've had in a long time and it will leave you feeling refreshed and help give you insight on how to balance it all :)

  3. hi sara! newest follower here and let me just say that i am so happy i found your blog! i really can't wait to start reading more :) also, this past week my blogging skills were seriously below par and i vowed to get back on track next week too ;) good luck!!

    xo Britta

  4. I've been feeling the same about blogging! Been taking a day off or two a week and when I do post, it's short and brief. Hoping I snap out of it asap! But hope you're having a great weekend!! Saw some of your instagrams and can guess from those what's going on! Sending good thoughts your way girl!!