Friday, November 30, 2012

Pieces of Glitter

{room decorations}

I decided to make this a Pieces of Glitter: Holiday Edition post ;)

{baby glitter tree from trader joe's}

{fire in my room - a form of heaven on earth}

{parents' pretty courtyard}

{thanksgiving day - apps on my parents' dock}

{christmas tree at fashion island}

{favorite house on my street}

Happy weekend!

Sara B

P.S. Today is my one year anniversary of being back in CA! I have loved this year more than anything. I spent so much time reading through old blog posts last night from right around the time I moved back here. It is clear that from day one I have been enamored with this place and I was reminded of how thankful I am for every adventure and opportunity in my life. Yay for happy times and memories! And cheers to loving exactly where you are in life.


  1. What an awesome place you live in and are surrounded by. Love your firplace, dock and courtyar.d Jealous of CA life.

  2. You make California living seem tempting! I would love a fireplace right in my room, and feel like I should certainly have one on the east coast.


  3. Great pics. Love the thanksgiving set up and jealous of CA weather!

  4. These are amazing pics, looks like a fantastic time! love the house decorations from the first one :)

  5. Everything looks so cozy! Especially that amazing fireplace you have in your jealous! Happy Holidays!

  6. This is a splendiferous post Sara B.! Every pic looks so dang appealing!!! So happy we are a 'stones throw' from each other...Have a delightful weekend my dear! XOXO

  7. Oh that baby tree, so, so, so cute!

  8. Cheers to one year! So excited you're back in So CA and we've been able to grow our friendship!

  9. I am completely Jealous of your parent's deck. Looks wonderful!


  10. I love the shoes on the dresser display. The ornament decoration is so pretty! And I would love to have a fire in my room. How cozy. All of your pictures actually look super cozy!

  11. December is absolutely our favorite month because no apologies have to be made for everything to sparkle. I love wandering outside on a chilly December night and see the whole city lit up. The mix of cold outside and warmth within all of us is the best part of the holiday season.

  12. Your fireplace is so unique. I love it!! Happy CA Anniversary :)