Friday, November 2, 2012

Pieces of Glitter

{treating myself to flowers and wine from trader joe's - all for under $10}

{i dressed up my pumpkins a little bit, they wanted to feel fancy}

{the most perfect beach day last weekend}

{getting to wear costumes twice in one week}

{my angel kitty in the clouds. gross, that's totally a crazy cat lady thing to say, sorry}

Well, we made it to Friday. I am in desperate need of the weekend and some time to unwind and relax after a non-stop week. So I am very thankful for scheduled time to do just that: nothing. I hope your weekends are filled with everything you need them to have and I'll see you next week friends :)

Today's the last day to enter the giveaway for $50 towards Bip & Bop's etsy shop so don't forget if you haven't done that yet! The contest is closed tonight at midnight (PST). Good luck!

Sara B


  1. I love the glitter pumpkins. Very pretty. It makes me want to spray glitter something for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I love glitter. And my weekend is going to be just the same as yours. It'll be so very relaxing, and I can't wait!

  2. Ok the glitter pumpkins are too gosh darn cute! Do they make a mess when you try and move them? The last time that I glittered something it made a complete mess so I need to know if there are any secrets to make it stay.

  3. I glittered some pumpkins this year too! I think it adds the perfect touch :) I live down here in southern cali too and loved the beach last weekend. Hope you enjoy your weekend and get some rest!

  4. LOVE your pumpkins! Sometimes things just beg to be fancy!

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  5. That hello kitty costume is too darn cute!

  6. LOL! My angel kitty in the clouds?! haha! That's totally something I would say :P

    - Sasha

  7. I love your cute Halloween costumes! So creative! I am pretty sure I just spent 45 + minutes catching up on your lovely blog :) So much good stuff - keep it up!

  8. Freaking LOVE Trader Joe's! I'm so glad we're close to one here. I always have fresh flowers at home!

    Nook & Sea