Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How to Wear: Denim on Denim

In case you guys didn't know, the cute girl in the pic to the right is my sweet friend Bettina who shoots the majority of the outfit posts in my blog. We actually went to high school together, but then re-connected later because of our blogs! It's so fun to meet up and take pics for each other and I love the excuse it gives us to hang out, work on our photo skills, and just get caught up on life. 

Every now and then, I'll totally be inspired by something she's wearing and it ends up influencing what I choose to wear. When I saw how cute her denim on denim outfit was, I was tempted to try it myself, even though I have always been STRONGLY against the Canadian Tuxedo. I'm still not sure if I'm 100% sold on this look on me, but I think the leopard shoes and gold sequin heart helped make it do-able ;)

Head over to Bettina's blog (The Kina's) to see her full post and feel free to share if this is a look you'd try, or something you'd stay far, far away from.  

Rubbish chambray top, Rich and Skinny jeans (similar), Target shoes, ban.do heart (c/o), Bip & Bop necklace and bracelet (c/o), Target watch and sunglasses

All photos by Bettina!

Sara B


  1. I think you look totally adorable! But I do know how ya feel! I see so many stylish, chic ensembles that are denim on denim & I'm totally inspired by it, but whenever I try to recreate my own version it looks off & weird.

  2. Cute outfit. Love the denim on denim.



  3. So glad you posted this. There have been so many times that I've had on denim and denim and then I've switched the top or the bottom cause I wasn't sure it looked right... I will trust my instincts from now on. :D

    xoxo Kerrin

  4. I think it looks great! The leopard wedges are the perfect touch!

  5. Super cute look, especially with the band.o brooch!

    xo Carlina

    p.s come check out my giveaway!

  6. My denim on denim outfit didn't go so well, I should have waited and read this post on how to make it actually work!

  7. Love it! I think denim on denim can look great if done correctly...definitly need two different toned denims for this look...and you both nailed it.



  8. such a cute idea ladies! Love your chambray top :)

  9. Aww I love your sweet post, I have so much fun when we get together! I'm so glad we finally did a post like this :)

  10. I love how simple and chic this is. So casual, yet put together! Totally gonna copy cat this outfit :)

    xo Hannah

  11. I love it! :) I actually wore almost the exact same outfit the other day!

    XO Katie

  12. amazing outfit and outfit tips. Thank you for sharing this.
    xo, Petra


  13. Love this! Gosh your shoes are fabulous!

    I think the key is wearing different color shades. Wearing all light or dark denim just does not work!

    I am in love with my chambray, it goes with EVERYTHING! I'm going to wear mine tomorrow under a sweater with shorts and tights. You can see that outfit post in thursday, but in the meantime please check out my latest outfit post. I would love to hear your thoughts!



  14. Love denim on denim! I must agree with some of the other commenters, it is all about using different shades of denim. The shoes are super fun too.

  15. I love denim on denim! It's so easy and I usually wear it when I'm all out of ideas for anything else, or if I just need a quick go-to outfit :) you're both rockin it!

  16. you're such a babe! and yes, you rock denim on denim.

  17. Now i'm brave enough to try this. thank you I have a denim shirt just like that and I need advice, but now i can wear it with confidence because that is what makes it work. And I have a SHINE necklace that works well with it too. Thanks!

  18. Love this look and your blog! New follower!


  19. The shoes were the *perfect* finishing touch to the double-denim. I love your style, Sara!!