Monday, August 27, 2012

DIY Gold Glitter Heels

This weekend I think I created the greatest craft my not-so-crafty self has ever made. It's days later and I still can't stop being excited about these shoes. I wish I could say I invented the idea myself, but instead I will give credit to the wonderful world of blogging and pinterest. I simply followed the steps from this post at a pair and a spare and the rest is history. I will now repeat the steps here so you too can have the chance to make magical gold glitter heels that will make you happier than most things.

I started with what used to be my favorite pair of shoes (Jessica Simpson black leather pumps) but has turned into a seriously sad and destroyed (though very well loved) situation. Yes, I even had to use duct tape to keep parts of them together before attempting this craft. I honestly don't know how I haven't thrown these out yet (I don't think they've been worn in over a year or two) but now I'm SO glad I kept them. They still are super comfortable, but look like an absolute train wreck so I did them a favor and gave them the best makeover of their lives. 

Here's what you need:
  • An old pair of shoes that no longer serve a purpose in your life. Or a new pair of inexpensive plain heels if you'd like.
  • Any kind of acrylic glue. Just plain ol' Emler's worked great for me!
  • Sandpaper
  • Paintbrush
  • Container
  • Glitter (best part obviously). Pick your glitter wisely! The other posts all said to go with fine glitter but I ended up with a little bit bigger size that made my shoes EXTRA sparkly. I was also really picky with the shade of gold, so make sure you find one you like! Martha Stewart's gold is really pretty.
  • Some kind of sealer. The glitter sealer I bought sucked, so I just ended up using hairspray

  • Sand down the shoes to rough up the surface a little bit. I think this applies more to patent shoes, but I did it to mine anyways
  • Have lots of newspaper down (and a dustbuster handy) so you don't end up with Hurricane Glitter all over your house
  • Mix glue and glitter together in a small container (the ratio doesn't really matter, I just dumped glitter in till I thought it looked like a decent amount)
  • Stir it up and then use your paintbrush to coat the shoes with the glitter/glue concoction. At this point it will look really weird, but then when you're done covering the shoe, start sprinkling the plain glitter from the shaker onto the shoes to completely cover them. It doesn't matter if it gets inside cuz you can just clean that out later. (Sorry I didn't take more pics of these steps, I was too excited I think)
  • Your shoes will start looking pretty amazing. I just coated them completely, it didn't even take that long, and then they were done! I sprayed a layer of hairspray on them, and should probably follow up with a couple more sprays (I mean, there's a part of me that absolutely loves the thought of leaving a trail of glitter where ever I go, but then I realize I will be the only person that loves that) 

Voila!! Gold glitter heels that make you feel like Cinderella only a 1000x's more awesome. Tomorrow I'll post the full outfit post with these shoes in them, but I have to add just one more preview pic below. Both the top and bottom pic were taken by the absolutely amazing Ally Stepp and I can't wait to share more tomorrow! Have a dazzling Monday my friends!!

Sara B


  1. So fun! Have you thought of anything else to glitter up with your left over supplies?

  2. I did this a while ago (here: using glitter paint instead of loose glitter because I hoped it wouldn't be as messy. Yours look better though :)

  3. Omg these turned out so cute! I always thought it seemed hard to glitz up a pair of heels but I think even I can do this! Can't wait to give them a try!

  4. These look fabulous and pair really nicely with the peach pants in the picture! You have made them look classy, but I bet this would be an awesome project for upcoming halloween costumes too!

  5. These are FABULOUS! I may have to give it a go!

    CJ-Fashion Lust

  6. Love these shoes Sara! And the photos are lovely, Ally is such a good photog!!

  7. I have the perfect pair of black pumps that I want to do this too!!! Maybe mine will be red glitter...wait, that might be too much! haha

  8. Perfect way to make old shoes, new treasures!

  9. I'm SO glad I found this post because I have to wear gold sparkly shoes for a wedding and cannot find a decent looking pair in the stores to save my life! Thanks so much!

  10. love them! I love your blog!

  11. The shoes look amazing!!!! would it be better if i rubbed the glue on the shoe first and then sprinkled the glitter instead of mixing both together?

    1. Honestly yeah I think that would work just fine. I don't think adding glitter to the glue made that much of a difference, that's just what the tutorial I followed said so I went along with that!