Friday, April 27, 2012

Pieces of Glitter

Met one of my favorite bloggers at Catalyst! (Jon Acuff)

Haven't done a Pieces of Glitter post in awhile so I'm loading up on highlights from the last few weeks.

I just can't

Had my first Umami Burger experience at the new Costa Mesa one with Miss Bettina! SO good.

Pink flowers, patent leggings, and photo bombs by kitty

Gungor at Catalyst. Amazing.

Health food

New beach spot

Painted little finger nails down in Mexico with a group from my church. Loved it so much.

Flowers from Trader Joe's again. Love that place.

Waking up to this one sharing my pillow

Gold glitter toes. I'm in love.
("Solar Flare" by China Glaze)

Fairy dust tips with Boom Boom Pow by Deborah Lippmann

I live here??

Tie-dye obsession

Once again, I live here? Dang it I love this place.

Annnnd last but not least, I am off to Stagecoach for the weekend! Sunshine, pool time, country music, margaritas. I don't think it gets any better than that.

Happy weekend my friends!!

Sara B


  1. Your new suit is so cute! I absolutely love it.

  2. stagecoach?!?!? I am so very jealous, have a great time!!

  3. oh I LOVE the tie dyed suit! I always find something I like and buy everything I see like it! Have a great weekend!!

  4. Have fun at StageCoach!!! yay for umami burger, we'll have to get together again soon :)

  5. your outfits are so cute!

  6. loving that big flower! great statement piece!