Friday, March 16, 2012

Pieces of Glitter

Reminiscing in a random spot from my childhood

Birthday Cake Oreos!! Basically the best things ever. Already on package #2 and making special deliveries for friends tomorrow who couldn't find any after checking 5 different stores. They're that good

Have I mentioned I love living here?

Clean room, clean sheets, hot shower, yummy candle, glass of wine, and new InStyle = happy girl

Really? I can't stop looking at this picture. Like a beautiful work of art

Delicious food from Bamboo Bistro while meeting with Joe and Kathrina discussing future blog plans. Stay tuned! :)

Turquoise and leopard. Proving these pants were worth the purchase

Pretty, girly and sparkly dresses at Nordstrom

Happy Friday my sparkly little sequins! Don't be too cold and get washed away in the rain this weekend!! I plan on doing cozy things and thinking lots of warm thoughts to fight it.

Sara B


  1. Your Instagram photos are ah-mazing!

  2. Love that dress! I'm heading to Nordstrom's today to take advantage of triple points, I just how triple points doesn't end up taking advantage of me :)

  3. great photos!

  4. absolutely gorgeous!


    Erin @

  5. Cute photos.
    Yes, Oreo 100th Birthday.

    Come visit my blog, let me know how you like it
    and can we follow each other on GFC?

  6. Love how unique your blog is - everything's so fun & really chic!!


  7. Hope you had a lovely weekend/St. Patty's day! And I thought we were the only ones in the country having bad weather. I'm freezing as we speak (type). p.s. Bamboo Bistro looks amazing!

  8. Dearest Sara B.,
    I always look forward to your Fab Photos on Friday! They are the best. Kitty is an amazing piece of art!!! Love the sparkle dress & the childhood setting...Aaah. Memories galore! Wonder if birthday cake oreos have made it to Bend. Will have to scope it out! xoxo