Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Unique Nails

Glitter Tips: Clear base coat, then dab the tips of your nails with a glitter polish (I chose silver) and only one coat was necessary. Then I finished with a top coat and made sure to dab it on the top of my nails to seal the glitter in.

Every time I've gone to paint my nails lately, I can't bring myself to do just one solid color. As much as I love that look, I keep wanting to try new and different things and thought I would share some of those with you. Most are pretty simple, just a few ideas on how to change up a basic manicure! I have so many more ideas of things I want to try (many of which come from my nails pinterest board), so I'm sure I'll be posting more manicures soon!

Two-Tone: I chose two somewhat complimentary colors (in real life they looked more raspberry and tangerine) and did half and half nails instead of just one different nail. I thought the asymmetry would bother me but I loved having my nails like this! I have a ton of different color combos I want to try now.

Kate Spade Nails: White polish with gold polka dots using a toothpick to create the dots. Sarah suggested using a gold sharpie too and that idea sounds way easier! I posted more details about it here.

Shimmery Pointer: I chose an iridescent pink with a more shimmery pink for the pointer. I think I prefer to do a contrasting nail on my ring finger when I do it.

Girly Princess Nails: I got these done but have similar colors to do this myself. And it inspired me to buy this gold glitter someday, I loved it! Used OPI 'Mod About You' for the pink and China Glaze 'Treasure Chest' for the gold.

Champagne Nails: I did this for NYE and have to say it was one of my favorite manicures ever! I felt so fancy every time I looked at them. I used a shimmery silver from Forever as the base, then painted a couple layers of Deborah Lippmann's 'Boom Boom Pow' over that. Heavenly!

Hope that gives you a few ideas for something you can do different next time you paint your nails! Have a wonderful day!

Sara B


  1. Man you are amazing at that!!!! I think I need the kate spade nails-when you did those it sent me on a search for that iphone case and then I started dreaming how to make it myself.
    PS: Totally brilliant on making the sweatshirt!!! That should be pinned...
    Love you, cali girl.
    xoxo, Anna N

  2. Great ideas! Now I just need to keep growing my nails out so I can do something fancy shmancy:-) xoxo

  3. The girly princess nails are my fave!! Love that opi color!

  4. My faves are the kate spade inspired nails! I like how you spaced the dots out so nicely!

  5. Ooh I love the glitter tips! Fabulous :)

  6. oooh, I love the OPI Mod About You pink! Is it as bright and pastel in person as it is in the photo?