Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kate Spade Nails

The other day I spotted my bottle of white nail polish and wondered when I would ever use it. All it reminded me of was elementary school and painting my nails with white-out in class. But then I thought of mixing gold with it and kinda liked it! I think my inspiration came from the Kate Spade iPhone case that is so popular. Since I don't have a small-brushed bottle of gold I like to use for polka dots, I just grabbed another bottle of gold (both colors are from Forever) and used a small wooden stick (toothpick would work) to dip in the polish and put on my nails. I liked how it made bigger polka dots and the contrast of the white and gold. Love how inspiration can be found anywhere :)

And here are the winners from the iPhone glitter wrap giveaway!

Glitter wraps:

iPhone skins:

Congrats girls!! I sent you an e-mail so check your inboxes!!
Thanks to everyone who participated.

Sara B


  1. Now I want that case...and I rarely desire things like that :) I have a KS diaper bag (70% off) and somehow now believe that I need that, and the nails (I will see if husband can pull that off) to go with the bag (and the baby). Glad to see how much the LORD Is blessing you down there!
    xoxo, ANna

  2. Love this! You match my iphone :)

    I want to try this with a gold sharpie - I've heard that works pretty well too!

  3. I have that phone case AND NOW i want those nails to go with! :)

  4. you know how I feel :o) fantastic!

  5. Your nails are always an inspiration ;) I know what I'll be doing next on mine!