Monday, January 30, 2012

Glitter Heart Sweatshirt DIY

Excuse the late night, no makeup, PJ's look I've got going on

*Disclaimer: I am no crafty, DIY goddess and most of you could probably do this better than me. But at least I attempted it and maybe it will help give you an idea of something you could make too!

Hellooo and happy Monday!! So after I posted this last week, I got a comment from the lovely Anna (whose baby is due any day now, yay!) encouraging me to try and make the sweatshirt myself that I wanted so badly! Funny thing is after I posted that saying I couldn't track it down, I actually walked into a store on Balboa Island (!) that sold them so I was able to try it on and check the price (both were bad news bears - not flattering and $110! Uhh, no thank you). 

So then I really was inspired and thought maybe I could attempt it myself! I headed to Forever and found this top for $9 and then went to Michael's to get glitter spray paint that worked on fabric ($6). They didn't have any heart stencils so I printed one offline. And here was my process:

Plain Sweatshirt


Homemade (and janky) stencil

"Reinforced" and "secured" with tape. Man I'm clever.

Sprayed multiple layers of glitter over a couple days
*Note: when they say to use a certain type of foam insert, they say that for a reason. I used a folder and the paper completely adhered to the inside of the sweatshirt. I'm still in the process of removing it all.


Glitter heart complete!!

So there you have it. My super easy, and very elementary DIY for a glitter heart sweatshirt. 

Next up is making my own tutu with help from Allison, thanks to another encouraging reader comment by Bettina

Look at you guys inspiring me to be all crafty :)

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Adorable. You could sell those on Etsy!

  2. It's darling! Well done, you!
    {And, you are adorable with your late night, no make-up, PJs look!}

  3. It turned out so cute! What a great idea.

  4. Great job! Ive seen that sweatshirt around too but for far too much! I am not crafty whatsoevery but may have to try this out!!

  5. I love it, such a good job!! Perfect for Valentines :)

  6. This is so stinkin' cute! It reminds me of the j.crew sweater that was sold recently. I am not a DIY either...but like you, I try! ;) Great job!

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  7. It looks so cute, great work!

  8. I have been wanting a Wild Fox sweatshirt just like that, but man are they expensive. This is an ah-mazing idea! Definitely giving it a try :)


  9. I can't wait to see the tutu!!!! I also can't wait to try this DIY sweatshirt, I've totally pinned it :)

    1. Your sweatshirt got so many pins :)

  10. wow... could this be ANY easier?? i LOVE it! it looks perfect!! now you need to do this in a ton of colors! lol

  11. I want to make one!!!! So creative!

  12. Look at you lady, getting all crafty. So cute on you! p.s. I'm going to email you this week about a future LA trip :)

  13. This turned out adorable!! :) love it!

  14. You rock my world girlie!! xoxo can't wait to try this!

  15. I love this DIY. I need to do more of these! Haha.