Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas with Palm Trees

How kitty prefers to ride

I headed out to Palm Desert to celebrate Christmas with my parents and Grandad, with my brother and SIL joining us on Monday for a day. It was so gorgeous out there and I feel so blessed to have such a loving and generous family. It may not have been a white Christmas, but I didn't feel the need to be upset as I was laying poolside soaking up the sun. Life is good. I love being back in CA :)

Christmas Eve

We love you Grandad!

My dad made this for my mom. A kitchen makeover that he presented in an Extreme Home Makeover way. Such a good gift giver.

Met up with my friend Tara for a little pool day

Matching scarves for 3

About as close as the furry cousins would get to one another

Iced spicy chai mix from Trader Joe's = dang good

A little El Paseo (fantasy) shopping

A necklace I picked out with a gift certificate I had

All pics taken with my iPhone. One of these days I'll start using my camera again...

I hope you had wonderful weekends with your family and loved ones! I'd love to hear the best part about your Christmas or holidays!!

Sara B


  1. Those tights are amazing with that skirt! :) LOVE IT! :) Yay for lights on cacti! :)

  2. We have spent the last eight years in a big palm springs house with all my extended family. people judge me for going to the desert on christmas, but it's seriously the best ever!!!

  3. I can definitely say I have never experienced a sunny Christmas like that! I love your tights by the way :)

  4. I loved your Christmas Eve outfit, it makes me want to get some patterned tights!

  5. decorated cacti for christmas, what a great alternative :) i love what you dad did for your mom! very creative and imaginative. looks like you had an awesome christmas!

  6. LOVE today's blog!!! I will have these BEAUTIFUL pics to look back at & adore the Christmas we all got to spend in the desert! Love you Hon & our Fam! xoxo mom

  7. So jealous of all the sunshine and relaxation! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas lady :) Love, love your skirt, where did you find such a gem?

  8. i would not have minded spending my christmas like you! love the palm trees decorated in lights lol and your dad is so cute! what an awesome way to present a gift. and loooove that necklace!! from where??

  9. Oh my gosh, your dad's gift idea is totally cute (and soooo unbelievable)! What a great husband to your mommy! You look adorable and I'm totally down with a Palm Springs Christmas. Don't you love CA? :)

    Happy New Year!

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