Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

Some photo highlights from Thanksgiving weekend. Mostly stolen from my brother's new camera and awesome photography skills. Love my family so much. I had a really wonderful weekend. And I hope the same is true for you!

I love this series. My Mom (left) and aunt (right) ran outside and danced around in the snow (which you can't really see in these pictures). Just like little kids :)



Bundled. It was around 37 degrees at this point.

Mama Daughter

The newlyweds

My adorable Mother

Parents got a ping pong table. Aunt Jan pretty much schooled us all. Except for on the second day when I reclaimed the title.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This was a special moment for us since he hardly cares about anyone except for my Mom. 

Downtown Bend with sister

Working hard in the kitchen. Where we belong.

At the nail salon, love this pic :) Longer post on this coming later this week...

I'm packing and probably running around like a crazy person all day today getting ready for my big move tomorrow. Doesn't feel real to me that I'll be living in CA by the end of this week...yikes.

Tell me about your Thanksgivings!! Where did you go? What did you eat? Throw any ping pong racquets in your family?

Sara B


  1. omg the move is tomorrow?? good luck with everything! hope it goes smooth! looks like you had a really great thanksgiving. and my god that dog is patient waiting for those treats lol

  2. Your family is beautiful! And I would love to see my Mom run outside and dance in the snow, but that would never happen :) Glad you got to spend some great quality time with your parents before you move! Be safe driving down to Cali! We'll miss you up here!

  3. Looks like such a fun weekend, I love Bend! You all look so cute bundled up in your coats, hats and headbands! And the snow dancing pictures = fab. Xo, Katie

  4. Love all your photos! Looks and sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family :) Good luck with your move lady. Drive safe, don't instagram and drive (lol).

  5. Looks like such a lovely weekend! Your family is seriously adorable!

  6. Awww what a special thanksgiving with your parents (you know, right before your move...) Drive safe to cal!

  7. Cuteness!! Looks like such a fun weekend!! I also have a King Charles... Aren't they the sweetest little doggies!!!

  8. Your mom and aunt are so cute dancing in the snow!

  9. This looked like so much fun! My kind of Thanksgiving for sure! Your Mom is literally so adorable and how precious is that little pup! :) So cute! You look beautiful as always! Yay for the big move! :)

  10. your mom and aunt are HILARIOUS! love the pics of them snow dancing!

    glad to see you had such a great Thanks.. excited for you for tomorrow! :)

  11. Your pictures look so good! Looks like you had a great time!

  12. oh, look at those earmuffs on your mom! i haven't worn those in years. sometimes i wish i lived in place that actually has winter as a season just because of all the winter clothing :)
    lovely pics of your family!

  13. Haha brilliant, I just have this image in my head of your Aunt Jan destroying everyone at ping pong, love it!

  14. Sara B., I CANNOT believe it has taken me over a week to respond to this wonderful remembrance of our Thanksgiving!!! You did such a FAB job creating this synopsis of the weekend! Love you so much, my sweets! XOXO