Friday, November 18, 2011

Pieces of Glitter

{the weather. duh}

This week I thought I would list five things I am looking forward to about moving down to CA.

{amazing Mexican food}

{being just a short car ride away from these guys. and my Grandad. and my aunt, uncle and cousins}

{Christmas on the island. especially the boat parade}

{normal speed limits on freeways. sorry OR, 50 mph isn't acceptable}

Speaking of freeways, I'm headed to LA this weekend for wedding #2 and then it's back up to OR I go for the rest of the month! The driving continues...

What are you sweet peas up to? Anyone taking the whole week of Thanksgiving off? What are you most looking forward to eating this week? I'm gonna go with turkey and lots of gravy for my answer.

Sara B


  1. The delicious Mexican food would be enough to win me over ;)


  2. I'm looking forward to pie. Lots and lots of pie.

  3. I am taking the whole week off :)

    Can't believe you are moving and to Balboa! What a gorgeous place and you will add so much light to already delightful island. Enjoy wedding numero dos!

  4. What part of California are you moving to? We live in Northern CA. It's seriously the best place! Although, we enjoyed visiting Portland earlier this year too!

  5. We are headed to Arizona to spend the week with my inlaws. I get to see the GrandCanyon for the first time and explore Sedona! I am so excited! Can't wait for some turkey and pumpkin pie too :)

  6. you are a cutie! My best friend, aka sister, is moving to California in the next few weeks too. I'm kinda depressed. At least you got me excited about visitng her :)

  7. Such lovely things to look forward to! Have a safe trip hun!