Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Off I Go

{after countless pictures taken of the view from my apartment, I realized the other day that I don't have one of me and my view. so this is me, on my balcony, just a few days ago in the middle of good old gloomy Portland}

I've been thinking about what I wanted to write in this blog post for several months now. And yet here I am, at 12:48am the night before I'm due to take off down to CA, surrounded by boxes and a never-ending to do list, and I find myself at a loss of words. I want to pay tribute to every memory, every friendship, everything I learned while I was here. But my emotions and thoughts are too wild to even begin to tackle that kind of a post, so I will keep it simple. Here are a few of the milestones and favorite memories from my 4 and a half years in Oregon, and what I will miss most about living here:

My first place in Oregon. Hello Beaverton.

I got my baby girl, Mia

Met and lived with Anna and CK, two of my best friends, and better known as SAC where ever we went

Met more amazing friends and went on awesome adventures

Experienced weather that was all over the map

Visited Anna in Hawaii to ease our long separation

Traveled to London and Rome with my two best friends

My parents sold our childhood house in Irvine...

...and moved to Bend to start their own chapter

I moved to the Pearl, the coolest place I have ever lived

I watched my brother marry the love of his life as I gained a sister

And now I am ready to bring this chapter to a close. To go back to my roots and the sunshine. Where life feels familiar and uncertain, terrifying and exciting all at once. There is much I will miss about this place - the clean air, the small town feel in a big city, Solid Rock (big time), my studio apartment downtown, the beautiful trees, and no sales tax. But mostly I will miss the people. My friends who have shaped me over the past four years. The relationships that have challenged me and helped me grow, the roommates, the Bible study girls, the mentors, and the co-workers. And most of all I will miss you Darwin. You've changed my life for the better. And when I think of my time spent in Oregon, I will always think of you as one of the lights that shines the brightest over it all. Thank you for who you've been to me. And thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey with me.

I am off! California I can't wait to be back, and Oregon you will always have a piece of my heart.

Sara B


  1. Congratulations on the move! Leaving is definitely hard but that's what planes, trains, and automobiles are for :) Safe travels on you move.

  2. aww what a great post. im so excited for you and the next chapter in your life! its a bittersweet move :) hope everything goes smooth for you!

  3. Loved that post Sara! I'll be praying for you as you begin this new chapter. I'm so excited for you :)

  4. Sorry we ran out of time to get together to share some Champs. And I never met your kitty. We're all better to have met you, Sara. You're a bright and shining light and Portland will miss you. All the best to you, Sara, and Merry Christmas on Balboa Island!! xo

  5. looks like a really amazing time in your life, thank you for sharing ... and all the best of luck with your move!!

  6. Good luck and I can't wait to see your adventures in California! I am sad we never got to meet at a blogger meet up, but I am grateful I found you and your blog because I feel a lot more connected to the portland blogger community because of it! So thank you thank you!!

  7. This is so sweet and beautifully written. Good luck with everything!

  8. Wish I had met you earlier in your Portland adventure so I could have gotten to know you better! :( But I'm glad you have fond memories of this city... I'd be lying if I said I never thought about packing up and moving to someplace much, much sunnier. So I understand where you're coming from.

    Have a safe move! I'm looking forward to seeing your California style though your blog! Stay in touch.

  9. Safe travels, it sounds like you have a ton of reasons to come back and visit!

  10. So sad to see you go -- but glad our paths crossed when you were up here! Remember to send some sun up for us every once in awhile, because you'll have plenty of it down on beautiful Balboa Island. Cheers, love!

  11. Aww Sara you made me tear up a little...okay maybe that's not saying much coming from this pregnant mama but still! I think I could look at that pic of baby Mia all day long...I want to squeeze her! Safe travels and send us some sunshine! :)

  12. i've moved quiet a bit in my life through countries and continents. it hasn't been easy, however when i look back i'm glad that i've had these experiences in my life. wouldn't change it for the world! looks like your 4 1/2 years in oregon brought you a lot of happiness and adventure in your life and that is always going to stay with you. curious to see what's next for you!

  13. Aww this is such a great glimpse of your life so far!! I am sooo glad I got to meet you!!!! Safe travels and many blessings your way hun!!! Keep in touch! God bless you!

    xoxo Denise


  14. This post was so sweet and so important as you leave and start on a new chapter in your life! Praying for safe travel and an amazing move! :)

  15. So exciting, and such a great post!

  16. Aww so sweet and blessings for your new chapter in life.. I left Oregon 11 years ago.. Still miss it at times!


  17. Wow it seems like you've come a long way since you started blogging and moved all over. Really hope everything starts off well :)

  18. This post is awesome! Optimistic and inspiring :)