Monday, September 5, 2011

Start of My Weekend, I Mean Unemployment

Guess I can't really call them "weekend reviews" anymore since I don't quite have a job to head back to yet, but for now I'd say my Labor Day weekend/next chapter is off to a good start! 

Anna and I went boating on Saturday and soaked up every hot, sunny, blissful moment of it

While some braved the cold water to do fancy wakeboarding tricks,

I spent most of my time like this

Sunday was super hot so I treated myself to a lychee bubble tea smoothie while walking around downtown after church

Sunday night we went to Zeppo's in Lake Oswego to celebrate Allie's birthday. My pasta was really yums.

There's the birthday girl!

And now I am off to Vancouver, B.C. with my friend Nicole for my first ever trip to Canada! I'm so excited, I keep hearing such amazing things about that city. If you've been and have any must-see/do/eat recommendations for me, I would love to hear them! Follow along with me on twitter and instagram (glitterandgrace) for our Canadian adventures.

I'll be back in a few days, but have a couple posts planned in there so you won't totally get rid of me ;) 

I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day holiday and are soaking up the last few weeks of summer with all you've got!


P.S. Thanks for your encouraging comments and tweets the other day, made my somewhat bummer of a day not so bad :)


  1. These photos are super cool, have fun in Canada! :)

  2. Such cute swimsuits! I love bubble tea too! Now following you blog. :)

    I would love if you could follow my blog on Blog Lovin!