Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fashion Show Forever 21

Good morning lovers! At this point, if you know at least 5 facts about me, you know that one of those is how much I love Forever 21. It's pretty much the main place I shop and I will always love the satisfaction I feel when leaving the store with a fabulous - and super inexpensive - purchase in my hand. (And how they have John 3:16 on the bottom of their bags, and are based out of LA).

Sooo...before leaving Vegas last weekend, I knew I had to get over to the one at the Fashion Show Mall (which was right across the street from our hotel) to check it out. I had heard it was a good one, but honestly I had no idea what I was in for.

I walk in and as I start to look around and scan to the back of the store (past the stairs to the second level), I realize that this place is GINORMOUS!!!! Like never-ending. And it's split up into organized sections such as accessories, basics, shoes, clothes organized by color and style, even a whole section dedicated to leopard pretty much (!!). I start to make my way through the store and realize you could literally spend days in there and not see all the clothes they had. I felt like it was the entire inventory of Forever 21 in one place. I know what you might be thinking at this point - omg that store is already such a nightmare to shop in sometimes, so a super massive size of that?? hell on earth. WRONG. Out of all the stores I've been to (and that's a lot), I have never seen one so organized and clean and easy to navigate through. I couldn't believe it. On top of that, they had a really good music playlist going that wasn't so loud I couldn't hear myself think. THEN, I spoke with several employees who were not only nice, but extremely helpful - something that I find somewhat rare at F21 unfortunately. I was blown away by this place!!

So I asked the lady at the register a few questions since I was so in awe of this production, and she confirmed that it is the largest F21 in the world (NY and a new one in Fresno randomly come in second) and that they have over 500 employees working there!! So the curiosity in me took over and when I came home I decided to do a little research on them. Here's what I found:

The store is 126,000 square feet (the one in Times Square is 90,000, on average they are 5,000-15,000 sq ft) and took over the space of a department store in the mall.

They employ 650 full and part-time people.

They have 36 cash registers and 132 fitting rooms.

Pretty amazing.

Anyways, this information really does nothing for your life, but if you are obsessed with F21 like me, I thought maybe you might find it interesting.

Have a happy day :)

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  1. I just recently discovered the amazingness that is Forever 21. I don't know what took me so long. I'm hooked! (And the Vegas store has me drooling!)

  2. I love shopping at that Forever 21... I feel like you have to visit to understand HOW big the place is :)

  3. I LOVE F21! They usually are my go to for anything (dinner, date night etc.). I cannot believe they have that many employees. Now I wanna go and visit. What did you end up getting their?

  4. wow that pretty is some amazing information though lol i've been to the 4 floor forever 21 in nyc in times square and that is some serious shit! i couldnt believe what i saw. but forever 21 is the best store. c'mon!! you cant beat it lol

  5. Mryna - I just got a basic shirt dress ($12) and a (fake) leather jacket for $21! Can't beat it!

  6. Whoa largest in the world?! Lucky duck. Although I might find that overwhelming and then accidentally spend way too much!

    xx Cristina