Monday, April 11, 2011

R&R...and a party bus

I feel like I was able to fit so much into this weekend! The bachelorette party Friday night was a blast, then the rest of the weekend home in Bend was just what I needed. Naps, walks with my parents, yummy dinner out, movie on the couch with blankets and thin mints, church, lunch and shopping with my mom, and just time to rest, relax, and be renewed. Nothing beats going home, that's for sure. Love you Mom and Dad and thank you again for everything. Here are some highlights from the weekend:

The roomies and bachelorette

The nails

The animal print

The shoes

CK's family. Please note her Grandma. Love.

Fun ceiling of the sushi restaurant in Bend

Our finds

So when my Mom and I were out shopping, we stopped at this adorable store and I found a $25 bin near the register. I spotted the Trina Turk cuff first and asked if it was really meant to be $25 (originally $180). She said yes. Score for Mom. Then I found this ring (not quite as large in real life as it appears in this picture), also Trina Turk originally $150, now $25. Yes please and yes please and thank you Mommy!!

Pretty walk with the fam