Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The other week I met with my health/business coach for a little lunch meeting and one of the many helpful tips she gave me was telling me to come up with my "motivation picture." Something that I could put in my mind that would drive me to keep working every time I felt like quitting or being lazy. For a couple days I thought about what my motivation or inspiration picture might be, but no single thing jumped out at me. Instead I have LOTS of different things that are motivating me to grow my health coaching business (all besides being on a mission to get America healthy of course). So I created a whole inspiration board and hung it on the wall next to my computer (see above).

As I was thinking about what motivates me for other daunting tasks in life, I realized that they are mostly superficial haha. But if you get the same results in the end, does it really matter what you chose to get you there? Here are examples of how I am motivated to complete the less joyous, yet necessary tasks in life.

Taking my Vitamins. The main reason I take my vitamins - pre-natal multi (nope not pregnant), fish oil, biotin, and vitamin D - is for better hair and nails. So my hair can look like this:


Yeah right, I wish.

Drinking my Water. Prettier skin and to ward off cellulite. So my skin can look like this:


Working Out. I'd love to say that having a healthier heart and body are the reasons that drag my body out of bed at dark thirty to go do tons of lunges and walk uphill on a treadmill, but the truth is I just picture how I want my booty and legs to look in the bathing suit I just bought and that usually does the trick. So I can look like my leg role model:


Am I shallow for these things? Possibly, but hey, I'm still getting the same health results and this works way better for me :)


  1. Thanks for sharing! It's so good to think about this see a benefit for doing something. I need to remember to take my prenatal vitamin!

  2. I've been meaning to re-do my inspiration board... thanks for the reminder to get on top of it! And no, those things do not make you shallow... everyone does it ;)