Tuesday, April 12, 2011



When recovering from surgery, my mom gave me the wise advice that "healing never happens in a straight line." Sure it might move in a steady uphill climb as time progresses (assuming you don't do anything to sabotage the healing), but there are peaks and valleys along the way. Funny how much that relates to matters of the heart as well.

There are good days and bad days when healing from a heart ouchie and unlike a physical recovery, it's not nearly as clear what triggers the pain some days more than others. Similar to arming yourself with an arsenal of tools to help the pain (ibuprofen, ice packs, more sleep), I create heart band-aids for myself to reach for when I'm having a particularly bad day. A Bible verse, encouraging words from a friend, watching Cinderella in bed, a grilled cheese sandwich, snuggle time with my kitty, a day trip somewhere, my favorite worship song on repeat, time spent with people who refresh my soul.

I am a big believer in doing exactly what it is you need in that moment to help your heart heal (within moral and legal parameters of course). For example, one day during an especially hard time in my life I decided I needed to sing karaoke somewhere. This idea progressed in my mind to meeting my roommate Anna up in Seattle for an overnight where I could pour my heart out over a microphone to "Don't Stop Believing" in a bar where no one would ever have to see me again. Well all of that happened except for the actual karaoke part (you're welcome Seattle) 5 days after I dreamed up the idea. I still look back at that weekend and smile.

I would love to know the things you reach for when you're having a bad day. Maybe I can add your heart band-aids to mine, because I don't think you can ever have too many...

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  1. A long walk to get fresh air, my parents house, going to a movie to forget about life for a while, planning a girls night, baking and if nothing else, a little retail therapy always seems to help. xo.